2 hryvnias


2 hryvnia 160 years since the birth of Mykola Lysenko

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30 000

ტიპი მონეტები

12,8 гр.
31 мм


On the obverse of the coin there is a note fragment from the composition `Prayer for Ukraine` (1885), above which is placed the small State Emblem of Ukraine, inscription above the circle: UKRAINE, below - stylized flowers and inscriptions: 2, griven, 2002 and the Mint logo of the National Bank Of Ukraine.
The reverse of the coin depicts a portrait of Nikolai Lysenko, in a circle of inscription coins: Nikolai Lysenko (right) and the years of his life 1842-1912 (left).
Dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Ukrainian composer, founder of Ukrainian classical music, pianist, teacher, choral conductor, public figure, ethnographer Nikolai Lysenko, born in p. Grinkah in the Poltava region. The significance of the composer in the history of Ukrainian music is exceptional. He is the author of 9 operas (`Natalya Poltavka`,` Taras Bulba`, ʻEneida`, `Christmas Night`,` Drowned`, `Goat-dereza`, etc.), Many works formed under his direct influence such Ukrainian composers as K. Stetsenko, J. Stepovoy, M. Leontovich, S. Lyudkevich, L. Revutsky and others. Artist: Larisa Root, Kochubey Nikolay Sculptor: Demyanenko Vladimir, Atamanchuk Vladimir