50 rubles


75th anniversary of the Victory. Immortal regiment.

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Coin type

22,60 (±0,15)
1,60 (±0,20)


On the front side of the coins is a relief image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation, there are inscriptions: “RUSSIAN FEDERATION”, “BANK OF RUSSIA”, the nominal value of the coins is “50 RUBLES”, the date is “2020”, the metal designation is according to the Periodic Table of Elements D.I. . Mendeleev, alloy test (test), trademark of the St. Petersburg Mint and the mass of precious metal is clean.
In the upper part there is a stylized image of the “Immortal Regiment” made using the technique of laser matting, in the lower part there is a relief image of a star with the Eternal Flame and a laurel branch; the inscription “75th ANNIVERSARY OF VICTORY” is at the top left of the circle
134 corrugations