100 rubles


Sberbank 170 years

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Coin type

1083,74±2,65 г
100,00±0,80 мм
15,0±0,60 мм


in the center of the disk is the emblem of the Bank of Russia (a two-headed eagle with its wings down, under it there is an inscription in a semicircle "BANK OF RUSSIA"), framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions in a circle: at the top - "HUNDRED RUBLES", below: to the left - designations of precious metal and sample alloy, in the center - the release date "2011", on the right - the content of chemically pure metal and the trademark of the mint.
in the center on the right, on the mirror segment of the disk, there is an image of a part of a spherical surface covered with dense rows of light disks, on it is a stylized image of a map of the Russian Federation, on the left are relief images of a spacecraft in orbit and a jet plane, under them are contour ornaments in the form of a strip of intertwined sinusoids and straight lines with triangles between them, on the right below the edge - a relief image of a block of high-rise buildings and a construction crane, parallel lines and curves are in the upper left part of the segment curled lines passing to the matte segment located at the top of the coin disk; in the lower part of the matte segment there is an image of a green sprout of a plant, at the top there is an inscription made using the “proof” technique: “SBERBANK. 170 YEARS”.
360 corrugated