3 rubles


Russian ballet

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125 000

Coin type

34,88±0,32 г
39,00±0,30 мм
3,30±0,35 мм


in the center of the disk - the emblem of the Bank of Russia (the two-headed eagle of the artist I.Bilibin), below it: on the left - the designation of metal, the alloy test, in the center - the mint trade mark, to the right - the precious metal content in purity. Along the circumference are inscriptions framed by a circle of dots: at the top - "3 РУБЛЯ 1993 г.", below - "BANK OF RUSSIA".
in the center - a dancing ballet duo, from left to right along the rim - the inscription: "RUSSIAN BALLET".
300 corrugated
"Russian Ballet" - firmly established in the world culture concept, reflecting the undisputed authority of Russian choreographers, composers and ballet dancers. Emerged in the second half of the XVII century., Russian ballet took the beginning of the XX century. leading place in choreographic art. The glory of the Russian ballet, which began with the Russian seasons in Paris and London (1907-1914), organized by S.Dyagilev, with the creative work of the legendary ballerina Anna Pavlova, was multiplied by G. Ulanova, M. Plisetskaya, E.Maksimova, V.Vasilev and others Russian "stars", the art of which has been recognized all over the world. This series includes 20 coins made of precious metals. Coins of the same denomination, made with quality "proof" and "uncirculated" ("a / c"), have the same design.