25 rubles


75th anniversary of the Victory. Immortal Regiment

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Coin type

60,00 (±0,50)
6,60 (±0,50)


On the obverse of the coins there is a relief image of the State “25 RUBLES”, date “2020”, metal designation according to the Periodic Table of Elements D.I. Mendeleev, alloy test (test), trademark of the St. Petersburg Mint and the mass of precious metal is clean.
In the upper part there is a stylized image of the “Immortal Regiment” made in the technique of laser matting, in the lower part there is a relief image of military personnel against the background of the parade of the units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation made in the technique of laser matting; the upper and lower parts of the coin are separated by a relief image of a fluttering St. George ribbon; at the top of the circle there is the inscription “75th ANNIVERSARY OF VICTORY”.