3 rubles


Masha and the Bear

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7 000

Coin type

33,94 (±0,31)
39,00 (±0,30)
3,30 (±0,35)


on the mirror field of the disc - a relief image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation, above it along the edge - an inscription in a semicircle: "RUSSIAN FEDERATION", framed on both sides by double rhombuses, below the emblem: on the left - designations of precious metal and alloy samples, on the right - the content of chemically pure metal and the mint trademark, at the bottom in the center in three lines - the inscription: "BANK OF RUSSIA", coin denomination: "3 RUBLES", year of issue: "2021".
on the mirrored field of the disc - a color image of the characters from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear" against the background of a relief image of the interior of the Bear's house; at the top - the inscription made in color: "Masha and the Bear".
300 corrugated.
"Masha and the Bear" is the first Russian animated series that spoke the same language with children and adults all over the world, telling about the friendship of the little girl Masha and the former circus artist Bear. The relationship between the characters in the series reflects the relationship between a child who learns the world and an adult trying to help him in this difficult task. Masha is an incredibly active girl who never sits still and believes that the whole world was created for her alone. Machine individuality knows no boundaries, so a labor lesson easily turns into building a sailing ship, and an artist's set - into decorating the entire forest. Despite the lack of direct didactics, each episode wittily and musically tells about kindness, curiosity and spontaneity.
Artists: E.V. Kramskaya (obverse), A.D. Shchablykin (reverse). Sculptors: A.A. Dolgopolova (obverse), A.D. Shchablykin (reverse